Taking Exotic Dancers for a Ride

March 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Step outside, your mind is just the playground of her youthful song, it’s almost gone
Away, with all those wistful days, the faded ways of history, she wished to be
Flying high, a trip upon our magic mystery ship, where memories seem to slip
Into a state of reverie and anarchy, you never see her swinging away and back again to me.

Around and ’round she goes, in the hazy daze she used to know, when she was young
She always dreamed of being up in lights, the dizzying heights, a tale of what could be
In a time when folk musicians sang of being free, I learned to see, when they first came
To me, they all flew up so carelessly, to slip away, into the brand new day, just like a dream.


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Open wide, ready to receive.
Tell me are you ready to believe?
Rock ‘n’ roll will surely save your soul
From the other pretenders to the throne.

Of Places New & Places Long Past & Places Future Come

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These four walls
Familiar yet new
Close in
Expand out

Industry calls
Preys upon dreams
Sets its goals
Upon those who crave
The glory days
Built up from birth

They permeate all forms
Of things that touch
The human heart
The human mind
The human soul

They serve themselves
Before all
They serve themselves

There they stand
Like new again
In the mind
Think tank back

Spots on the map
Where we’ve been
What we’ve seen
Who we are
Refects upon today
Looks the other way

Ghosts of the past
They haunt the ground
And alter the course
Of travelling ground

Those that rise above
Seem somehow to know
That they are the ones
Needed in the plows
That grow the fields
Of wicked wheat

And then there are
Those that are unknown
Here as nothing
There as something

Also an expance of futures
Calling and drawing
In all directions
And for all reasons
They can’t get enough
And you push some aside
Only to have them
More overtly contrive
A decent explanation
For what they provide

Soon they say
We will be
And it is believed
But the truth is alive
In what we provide
The outcome of which
Is nothing without
The garden
We grow


Lennon’s Sonnet

March 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

As time sweeps on into the endless night
And dreams become our true identity
The sights we see are figured in the light
Of mute discourse and blind reality
So while we look to them through tainted lens
Consuming with delight what they provide
We find this is the way our journey ends
And take the memories we’ve found inside
But soon will come a time when all is lost
And rearranged in light of new Divine
To set ourselves for once at any cost
A journey to the stars that will not shine
And what we once mistook as saving grace
Will rise and fall through endless time’s embrace

Electric Whale Lines

March 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

The flow and ebb wind circles in the mind
Biding time, and filling the spaces that rewind
Through glistening trees on the shores of hippocampus
Until they can no longer pass on
Their tales in the sun
Their sheltered little words
That echo on throughout the world
To see that all is here
To be here some day again
The world will carry on
Until all hope is gone
It’s tangled in the beaches
It’s tangled in the tents
It’s tangled up in the fault lines
In it’s own magnificence
Electric whale lines leaping
From the oceans to the seas
I feel my heart beat weakening
I feel it calming me

March 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Gallant triumph
Travesty begets the beast
In all hallowed agents
The emerald wizard gloats

Where Am I?

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