February 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

A crimson tide
What blood spillt?
From what evil?
Or what good?

Blue morning comes
But once a year
Amongst the purple
We all sing out
Out to the stars
The ships coming in
To dock and to sink
Their drills in the ground
They come so far
For the essence of our souls
And they take it back
To their far off shores

Which side are you on?
Does it matter in the end?
To which planet do you belong?
I wonder

Look to the sky
The tirade coming down
They have come from the mind
Of so many far away
So give them your hand
Though they may take it not
For up will be down
And back again tomorrow
Forever we are turning
And long into the night
We will survive

A line
A table
A chair
A fallout shelter
All of these things
Are alive


The Daze, The Haze, The Maze

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

It captures you
Your attention to the end
With winding passages
And merry go rounds
That peak and blow
Down the trees that point
You all in the wrong direction
Don’t go

Send me my heat
Back in the mail
Don’t tread too lightly
For I might miss the trail
Of arrows that fly
So stringent through
The air that is falling
The sails on the tide
Come through

Suffer my want
Is the only want
I want to bestow
Upon your heart

Greed and hunger go hand in hand
That is why the pirate
And the captain are in love
With the princess that lives
Down Oxford town way
Who is she now
To stay herself for so long
It doesn’t seem right
To be with my baby tonight
While you are out
On the street
And hit the deck
You are crying
And the world throws it’s swan
Song to the rescue

Hit the child of Medusa’s breast
Who snakes his way into your heart
No one knows for sure which way the
Pressure lies, and so the dangers
Of the beach never seem to really
Play upon the stench of the family

Where Am I?

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