The Ballad of the Bleeding Heart

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

All the pretty people in their wind up cars,
Go wandering past with their handlebars.
Don’t you go on down to the merry go round,
For it is high time that you heard the sound.

All the birds are flying up into the clouds,
While you sit alone and watch the rain coming down,
Time’s a wasting if you really want to get things done,
And you really want to come and have some fun.

Look around to the people who fall on the floor,
Wont you tell them they don’t have to worry no more.
Seems the more I tell them, the less they know,
And we’ll all wake up together if we all decide to go.

Come on lay your weary head upon my shoulder
Won’t you stay with me in the cold of the night.
If you just be here now you won’t get any older,
But you’ll stay young forever ’till the morning light

Inside your mind you know that you can fly,
High above the others up on the wire.
You believe you’re going up to a higher plane,
But no one seems to really know your name.

Ten thousand days and nights you’ve cried alone,
Sitting in the boardroom on the phone,
Jetting off to see your friends in Rome,
When you don’t even know your friends at home.

Tip toe up the stairs into your room.
You know that she’s coming home all too soon.
You’ll never ever let her get away,
Even if it takes you all your days.

Align with all the colours of your dreams,
It’s easy when there’s nothing as it seems.
Together we will fly into the night,
Oh little blackbird let me see you take flight.

Total glory is never around the corner.
It’s always lying just where I would warn her,
And she climbs the stairs so naked and so free,
Until she’s upstairs so permanently.

Light up another match if you still can,
They are signifiers of exactly who I am.
Remark to me that I never knew your fate,
When I watch you walking through that gate.

The test of time is all that I know best,
When my head is lying in your breast,
Enticing me with your lovely sounds,
That echo even when there’s no one around.

Fortune is the way that many fools take,
And never a single cent do they often make,
But me I know there is a different way,
Than to be a slave to just another day.

Topless thieves will rob you willingly,
And you will give them exactly what they need.
Put away your saving for a rainy day,
You’ll never use it as you wish to anyway.

Come gather up all your things and throw them on,
The fire is burning well into the dawn.
Two thousand books have met their fate,
Their text in time will never be erased.


August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

All along the open eastern shore,
Where dreams and reality they play once more,
And gaze upon the travelers and the traveled,
Who never found what they were looking for.

August 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Malevolence raises its pretend hand once again
To show us the true nature of its beast.
We sit ‘neath the tree of life,
A loving wife of evolution’s taking.

Sunday morning becomes another day
For frolicking in the western sun,
Never knowing the wherefors for whys
Or the wind blowing ways.

A Million Miles From Home

August 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sunday’s shadow leaves Monday looking back in vain
At what possibilities that she mistook for fame,
And left her sneezing at the chosen one’s pain,
Handed down to him by those he can’t contain.

Fall freely blossom bird.
Your thunder yet is sounding
Upon the rolling hills
That divide the meadow.

The gardens live on
And grow though they stand
A million miles from home,
Or what we once did call.

Spin child, spin, upon higher grounds.
They cling to one another, with such atomic force
And their hydrogen hands, held in hand
For the world to see, though not set free.

Summer’s clown cries softly beneath his smile.
Not one sees his deep longing,
His tiresome glow,
Below his painted skin.

In The Beginning

April 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

In the beginning, when everything existed
And all was one and the same
I insisted, on calling your name,
On starting this game,
On rolling the thousand-face dice
Once again

Subterranean Homesick Elation

April 14, 2010 § Leave a comment


Take me down, take me out, for all the world to see, eyes closed elation as they stare. The deep coloured clothing hangs from her fortified frame, highly evolved to shoot you down, through the heart, through the mind, on my mind she stands, heels dig in.

Come evolve with me underground. Bring it all back home and then throw it up once more.

Aspirations of Hills Hoist

April 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

The undercurrents of society flow,
Like dreaming fog lights caught in the undertow.
A lone warrior fights only with himself,
So that soon one day he can be put on the shelf,
Ready to be picked at the drop of a hat,
Sadly misused I know not what is said.
Forty two mistletoe drive is where my baby lies, under the shade of my boondocks ride, so long and farewell my princess belle, no two times go together very well.